Shabbat Elevators

Shabbat elevators are lifts that operate automatically to meet people keep the Shabbat (Saturday) according to the precepts of the Tora. Click the buttons on the side to see the status of the elevators. We list the main questions related to this type of elevator and its use in the questions below. Any other information can be requested by our email.

Who developed the specifications of the Shabbat elevators ?

The specifications of the Shabbat elevators were developed by the INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND HALAKHA OF JERUSALEM directed by Rabbi Levy Yitzchok Halperin. N.Z. Automação operates in Brazil as a representative of the Institute, monitoring the assembly of elevators, inspection for certification, supply of parts that need to be modified and annual maintenance and recertification of elevators.

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What are the modifications that should be made in a Shabbat elevator ?

The following modifications must be made before the elevator can be used as a Shabbat elevator:

- Attend the floors automatically.
- Inhibit the door protection circuit while the elevator is still.
- Inhibit the cab lift circuit while the lift is still.
- Installation of door closing signer.
- Eliminate cabin floor display system.
- Eliminate floor display system of floors.
- Install automatic system for scheduling opening hours.
- Change the cabin balance when necessary.
- Adjust the operation of the releveling.
- Change electrical equipment that undergo change of operation depending on the weight of passengers as the encouders.
- Change of positioning sensors and releveling by models approved by the Institute.
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How should the Shabbat elevator be used?

Shabbat's elevator, when arriving on one floor, opens its doors and waits for a pre-programmed time. After this time, a doorbell is triggered for 5 seconds to indicate that the door sensors will be reconnected and the elevator will start for the next floor. People can get in and out of the elevator between the moment the door opens and the start of the bell ring. As long as the doorbell is ringing, you must not enter or leave the elevator.

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What are the bans related to the use of elevators in Shabbat ?

The prohibitions on the use of elevators in Shabbat are related to the activation of electrical circuits and the generation of power. In general, it is thought that this prohibition is related only to pressing the call buttons, but this is not correct. In addition to the prohibition of pressing an electric button in Shabbat, if an electrical circuit when being triggered is influenced by the weight of the passenger or the weight of the passenger changes the time this circuit is triggered the responsibility is the passenger. The closure of an electrical circuit is related to Molid's Rabbinical ban, according to Beit Yitzchak, and the boneh tora ban, according to Chazon Ish. Opening an electrical circuit overlifts the Ban on the Soter Tora, according to Chazon Ish. In addition to call buttons, these bans apply to position sensors, leveling sensors, encouders, heavy circuitry and others. Power generation occurs in the situation where the elevator is descending with a weight of passengers greater than the counterweight.

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Does passenger capacity influence use in Shabbat ?

When the lifts are prepared for Shabbat, a check is made of the weight that should be added to the counterweight so that, even at full load, the braking circuit does not generate power. If this energy is discharged into the engine room itself, in a non-indecant way, this change is not necessary.

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Can automatic doors and manual doors be used ?

Both automatic doors and manual doors can be used in Shabbat elevators. In both cases the presence sensors and closed door indication are disconnected while the cabin is still on one floor. The ringing of the bell is an indication that these circuits will be reconnected.

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